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NEWSLETTER - February, 2019

SRI Capital invests in Edge AI startup 'edgetensor' -

We announced our investment in edgetensor, an Edge AI startup with the mission to make state-of-the-art edge based AI affordable and accessible to the mass market. The founders, Narasimha and Ray, have obtained their PhDs from the Georgia Institute of Technology and between them share more than 75 patents and publications. They have over a decade of industry experience and were part of metaio, a German AI startup acquired by Apple in 2015.


Edgetensor’s solutions have application in in-vehicle monitoring to prevent distracted driving and enhance video security in public places. The solutions also find application in robotics, smart cities, retail, marketing, fintech and healthcare.


Protectionist tendencies in Indian startup ecosystem

Hoping to replicate China’s playbook, India is considering a ‘national champion’ policy to promote Indian companies over foreign competitors. Particularly notable is the way Reliance shaped the India first agenda in ecommerce policy.

Mega trends shaping Indian consumption story in 2030

A report published by World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in collaboration with Bain & Company predicts that India will witness a 4x increase in consumer spending by 2030. The new Indian consumer will be richer, more willing to spend and will have specific preferences.

Playbook for Indian startups looking to expand in China

While there has been an onslaught of Chinese companies – think Xiaomi, Huawei, ByteDance and Kwai – in the Indian market, the number of Indian technology companies aspiring to launch in China has been very low. However, companies like Oyo, InMobi and Capillary have been successful in bucking the trend.

Amazon is focusing heavily on localization for Indian customers

A look at Amazon’s efforts to effectively target Tier 2 & 3 customers. This goes much deeper than just translating content into vernacular languages. For example, customers didn’t know that magnifying glass was the standard symbol for search and were calling it ping pong paddle. Entrepreneurs need to ensure that similar level of thought goes into products that target this set of customers.

Foxconn is considering India for iPhone assembly

Foxconn is considering producing higher end iPhones, including models with OLED displays, in India amidst sustained friction between Beijing and Washington. This move is also expected to improve Apple’s market share in India as these models will avoid 20% import tariffs on Chinese manufactured handsets.

The role of content startups in upcoming 2019 Indian national election

The impact of social media on elections in not debatable anymore. Vernacular platforms like DailyHunt, Sharechat and WhatsApp have started gearing up for the elections. This includes attempts to combat fake news, with WhatsApp limiting users to five forwards, updating product and monetization plans.

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