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NEWSLETTER - June, 2019

IndianMoney.com to launch term life insurance plan

IndianMoney.com, an online platform that offers free financial advice and education, is looking to roll out a term life insurance product through its insurance broking arm IndianMoneyInsurance.com.According to CS Sudheer, Founder, the company is in talks with two insurance players for underwriting the policy and is hopeful of rolling out the product within this month.


FabHotels Raises $7.8 Mn From Goldman Sachs & Others In Its Ongoing Series B Round

Indian budget hotel chain FabHotels has raised INR 54 Cr. (around $7.8 Mn) from existing investor Goldman Sachs along with marquee venture capital firms Qualcomm Ventures, and Accel Partners India, who is one of the early backers of the Delhi-based company. Founded by Adarsh Manpuria and Vaibhav Aggarwal in 2014, FabHotels had raised a total of $42.8 Mn funding till now. It has last raised a $25 Mn Series B round from Goldman Sachs and Accel Partners in 2017.


Glassbeam released Clinsights, its healthcare focused analytics platform

Glassbeam, a medical-focused data analytics vendor, intends Clinsights to provide healthcare professionals, like clinical engineers, radiology technologists and C-suite executives, with comprehensive analytics and deep understanding of workflow and procedures to improve productivity, prepare applications for new use cases and reduce costs of operation. Using AI and machine learning models, Clinsights gathers data from multiple sources -- such as machine logs, Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine headers, Health Level 7 International messages, MRIs, CT (computerized tomography) scanners, patient monitors and infusion pumps -- and displays insights on a UI that end users can access from mobile devices and tablets.


Shubh Loans appoints Narasimha Jayakumar as Chief Business Officer

Narasimha was until recently the chief executive officer (CEO) of Nightingales, a leading home healthcare services company based out of Bangalore. Before Nightingales, Narasimha was the chief business officer of 99acres.com. He has also worked as COO, E-commerce for HomeShop18, where he set up the e-commerce business from scratch, apart from holding international roles at Google, Expedia and Galileo.


Markets are now 10x bigger than ever, resulting in larger outcomes for software companies

In general, software markets and businesses are 10X bigger than they were 10-15 years ago. This is due to the liquidity provided by the global internet. A company that would have been a $10-$20M subscale revenue business is now a $100M revenue company, which means many more companies can now be worth $1B or more, and many more SaaS businesses have the potential to be $10B+.


Cost and unintended consequences of GDPR

One of the critiques of GDPR was that it increases compliance costs, which most startups are unable to bear, ironically strengthening the market position of Facebook and Google. After 12 months in effect, we have some data about this effect. Additionally, several companies opted to move out of European markets rather than deal with GDPR’s onerous requirements.


Ola, Uber’s ride growth slows to a crawl in India

For Ola and Uber India, growth in their core business of ride-hailing has started resembling rush hour traffic crawl. Industry analysts and company insiders, who spoke off record, said the number of daily rides has inched up by just 4% — from 3.5 million to 3.65 million — in the past six months.


Is Space Launch Overheating?

The space business is hot. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly hot it is. I mean, you may think that apps and blockchain are a big deal, but they’re just peanuts to space.* 2016 mobile app revenue was $88 billion with a 2024 forecast of $189 billion. The global blockchain market hit $708 million in 2017 with 2024 projected at $60.7 billion. Peanuts. Meanwhile, the Space Foundation’s seminal Space Report shows the 2018 space market was $383 billion and my own research aligns with that estimate.


Why Modern Manufacturing Needs the Digital Twin

We live in a digital era. Data is all around us and, at the manufacturing level, the huge volumes of real-time data available provides new insights into processes. Used intelligently, these data offer a pathway to continuous process improvements and significant increase in production efficiency. For these benefits to be brought to bear, however, requires clear visualization, contextualization, and advanced analysis of the data, which is most efficiently achieved using a digital mirror of the physical world – a ‘digital twin.'


From quantum mechanics to psychedelics, the six major forces shaping the next decade

Innovations and disruptions are becoming increasingly common as they occur at never before seen rates. Many of the technologies that we expect to shape the future have already started making an impact on our lives. Yet, recent developments in these areas are pointing to significant repercussions that these technologies will have on our everyday lives in the future, often in unexpected ways.

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