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NEWSLETTER - March, 2019

IndianMoney gets Insurance Broker License, plans to hire 2,000 people in 2019

IndianMoneyInsurance.com, a subsidiary of IndianMoney.com Group, has received the IRDAI’s insurance broking licence to enter the insurance business. The company has partnered with multiple insurance providers and plans to hire 2,000 employees for the insurance business by end of 2019.


Fakespot covered by CBS News

CBS News covered Fakespot and the threat of fake reviews undermining the credibility of online platforms and increased regulatory scrutiny. On 26th Feb, the Federal Trade Commission announced its first case against a marketer's use of phony paid reviews on an independent retail website.


The global internet is splintering into two - one lead by US and other by China

For almost a decade now, Chinese internet has been tightly controlled, with several household names like Google, Facebook etc. banned. Chinese internet is characterized by local products and complete government oversight. With 5G launching soon, China is now aggressively pushing countries to adopt its approach to the internet. And the Great Firewall is finding several takers, especially in authoritarian countries.


Evolution of India’s drone policy

India went from effectively banning drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) outright to embracing them in less than 3 years by formulating a comprehensive regulatory framework. India is now launching ‘Digital Sky’, a digital bridge between drone ecosystem and government.


Unified Payment Interface (UPI) usage explodes in India

Overall, UPI clocked around 672 million transactions last month, up from 620 million in December. P2P transactions dominate, with number of merchant transactions estimated to be 100-120 mn. Even bank apps are showing some strong adoption. In its latest disclosures to shareholders, State Bank of India, India's largest bank, said more than 87% of the bank’s transactions are taking place on “alternate channels.”


Space is open for business

For fifty years, space innovation meant scaling Apollo-era technologies into ever larger, more durable satellites parked above their terrestrial clients in geo-synchronous orbit. But now, Cubesats have sparked a realization that true scalability comes not from bigger satellites, but many cheap small ones, and suddenly five accumulated decades of Moore’s Law have turned the space industry upside down. A look at the current space stack.

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