About Us

SRI Capital is an early stage venture capital firm focused on funding innovative startups primarily in the US and in India. We will also consider global startups that are looking to enter the US market or the Indian market.

Our three main areas of interest are:

  1. Enterprise software and deep tech: We are interested in US/Indian startups developing applications and technology for sale to the global enterprise market, preferably in a subscription model with built-in scalability for rapid growth. We like capital efficient product development teams, led by technology founders, serving niche market segments.

  2. Cross-border innovation to serve the US or Indian markets: We realize that there is terrific IP and tech in various parts of the world. Given our deep ties and networks in the US and in India, we will fund startups that are well positioned to serve these markets.

  3. Indian consumer market: Indian/US startups that are looking to capitalize on the Digital India story to bring innovative products and services to middle income Indian consumers are interesting to us. We especially like startups that fully leverage India Stack.

We are usually the first institutional investor in a company. We invest between $500,000 and $3,000,000 for a meaningful minority interest and are happy to lead the round. We are active investors, providing support to the founders beyond just a board role.

We will also selectively do Series A investments, either as a lead investor or as a co-investor with other VCs or strategic investors.

Our terms are entrepreneur friendly, enabling us to close a deal in less than 60 days. We generally do 6-8 investments per year.