About Us


SRI Capital is a seed stage investor focused on enterprise software and deep tech. We are interested in startups that are selling to the US enterprise and/or SME market, preferably in a subscription model with built-in scalability for rapid growth. We like capital efficient product development teams, led by technology founders, serving niche markets. We are usually the first professional investor in a company. We invest between $250,000 and $500,000 for a meaningful minority interest, doing larger rounds in partnership with a select group of VCs and angel groups. We may provide additional capital as a bridge or as a part of Series A, capping our investment in any one company to $2,000,000. Our terms are entrepreneur friendly, enabling us to close a deal in less than 30 days. We generally do 4-5 investments per year in this space.

SRI Capital has also invested in the Indian consumption story. However, we tend to be opportunistic here, looking to back 1-2 startups a year in this space.